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Value creation through financial planning and control


Our objective is focused on analyzing the needs of our clients in terms of financial planning and control, financing, debt structure or restructuring.

Financial management adds value in all decision-making processes within a company. For this reason, we help you optimize your resources so that your company has an optimal financing structure and can achieve its objectives.


  • Cash flows.
  • Cash management short and long term.
  • Cash pooling.
  • Working capital management.


  • Short and long term planning.
  • Investment plan and projects.
  • Prepare budget.
  • Analysis and budget control.

Financial coaching

We advise on the selection of the best financing instrument. Through our financial coaching we help to:

  • Review your funding goals.
  • Search the main sources of financing .
  • Company analysis.

We prepare the company for the negotiation process with investor or financial institutions.

Improve your company performance

Prepare an exit plan and improve operation activities and financial structure.


  • Review of accounting and financial information and measurement of the impact on your company before a business sale process or search for partners.
  • Economic and financial analysis of the company, whose objective is that you know the real situation of your business.


  • We help to get bank financing or alternative financing for working capital needs, projects or expansion plans.
  • We prepare your company for the search for financing, we prepare the informative memorandum, contact with investors and negotiation.
  • We analyze the feasibility of projects or the business plan to be presented, which is capable of repaying the financing.


  • When companies are having difficulty debt payments, it will likely require a debt restructuring or refinancing process.
  • We help from the evaluation of financial, strategic and operational aspects of the company, preparation of the viability plan, as well as contemplating any contingency or liability of fiscal, legal or labor aspect.


All the process is confidential.

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